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The belt drive is considered the best option for a quiet and smooth operating garage door opener. It is the number one, most recommended garage door opener on the market today.

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We at Medina OH garage door company provide our technicians the best openers and accessories on the market today, 
with a lifetime warranty that will ensure you will never have to face a problem with the automatic garage door opener again.
At Medina, OH Garage Door Service safety for us and our customers is number one when it comes to an automatic garage door opener.

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The screw drive opener system is an older version, and is mostly seen with Genie garage door openers. It is a loud operator and the electronic components tend to malfunction after a few years.

The chain drive is the most common operating opener, most home owners have. The parts on a chain drive opener tend to wear out quickly and need of constant maintenance and lubrication.

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