Almost every garage door today is equipped with an automatic opener which is controlled by a remote, wall button, wireless keypad or a car home link. It is a very convenient way of operating your garage door and helps to get through a daily routine. Automatic openers also provide locking the garage door to prevent intruders from getting into your home. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to repairs automatic garage doors, provide a tune up and maintenance. In some unfortunate situations where an automatic opener stops from working, we offer LiftMaster products as replacements. Along with the best technology, LiftMaster openers come with accessories and add-on's that get your daily routine back on track.

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belt drive opener

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This opener is on the expensive side and usually accommodates very low headroom garage.

screw drive opener

If you are looking for a quiet and durable opener, a belt drive is the one to go with.

Screw drive opener are more likely with Genie, they are strong but not so sophisticated.

Chain drive opener is fairly quiet and provide heavy duty performance.

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