• Spring Repair / Conversion
  • Damaged Section Repair
  • Brackets & Hinges Replacement
  • Rollers Replacement
  • Broken & Tangled Cables Repair
  • Opener Gear Replacement
  • Opener Tune Up

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When competitors give you a new door replacement as a solution. We can offer a repair.

We repair openers with genuine parts and offer a lifetime warranty on new installations.

  • New Garage Door Installation
  • New Opener Installation
  • Maintenance Solutions
  • Track Replacement
  • Opener Accessories
  • Opener Rail & Chain Replacement
  • Garage Door Balance & Tune Up

A part of our service routine is to inspect the garage door for parts that needs to be replaced.

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We provide the best and most efficient garage door springs on the market.

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Choosing the right company for your garage door repair and service needs is very hard these days. You don't really know who is reliable and who will provide a service you can count on. It seems that with today's economy everything boils down to the price. Buy you need to remember, if a company offers you cheap, it is probably because the end result is cheap and it isn't what you want. We at Medina Ohio Garage Door Service provide quality professional repairs and installations. We might not be the cheapest, but we deliver everything to a full satisfaction.

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