This spring system is typically installed to accommodate Wayne Dalton garage doors.

When we encounter systems that are other than torsion, we offer conversions.


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We provide the best and most efficient garage door springs on the market.

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Medina Ohio Garage Door Service - Spring Repair

Old springs that are mostly commonly used for low head room garage doors.

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Being the most important mechanical component on an operating garage door, it is also the most dangerous part the a lot of home owners get injured trying to replace it themselves. A garage door spring holds a high tension pressure enough to lift a garage door, so imagine that amount of pressure is released on a human body, absolutely not worth it. Instead of messing with your garage door not knowing what to expect, when a YouTube video is clearly not enough to understand how a garage door works, let us take care of that stress and handle a garage door spring repair with the best on the market, knowledge and years of experience. Your safety is our goal and providing the best service in the area is our vision.